Suspended Ceilings

We provide ceiling solutions that transform your interiors; from signature spaces to special applications, our extensive portfolio of ceiling solutions addresses performance and aesthetics throughout your project.


We supply suspended ceilings to the office, education, healthcare, retail and hospitality & leisure sectors in Dublin and nationwide.

Productive Spaces

Meeting the challenges of the modern office. With wellbeing an increasing priority at work, it’s now also about designing an environment people want to spend more time in, which also keeps them healthy and productive. Ceilings that combine aesthetics with natural light and acoustics and the discreet integration of services play a massive part.


It is important to recognise the distraction and dissatisfaction noise brings to office workers.  Employees are happier and more productive when they can interact freely with each other in a creative and inspiring environment. It is important to have an environment that provides the freedom and flexibility of concentrated and collaborative work without undermining the principles of the modern office.

The importance of office acoustics

Noise as an important workplace consideration, so it is important to regulate noise levels in open plan and modular offices using sound absorption and sound insulation materials as high levels of noise can lead to stress, absenteeism, loss of concentration and difficulty performing cognitive tasks.


Reducing the level of distraction and the harmful effects of noise while still creating a flexible and engaging work environment can be a challenge. The use of non-reflecting and sound absorbing material on the ceilings and walls can help reduce noise levels and distractive influences in the offices.


We can also give specialist advice on fire, and humidity Ratings.

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