Access Control Security

FMC Ultratech provide industry leading access control systems will help you to protect your assets and create a safe environment for employees and visitors.


We have the expertise and experience to design and install an access control system that allows people get to where they are needed at the right times, while also preventing unauthorised access to restricted areas.


We offer a wide range of state-of-the-art access control systems from door intercoms, card and proximity tokens to biometric and facial recognition from leading manufacturers.


Our access control and door entry solutions are designed for a wide range of applications, ranging from small businesses that require complete plug-and-play systems, to extremely demanding, complex environments requiring seamless and effective 3rd-party integrations.

Our Services

Our expert skilled engineers can integrate your access control into one system for all security including:

Access Control


Intruder Detection

Fire Detection

Time and Attendance

Remote Monitoring Management

System Integration

Fire Alarms

In recent years, the technology behind commercial fire alarms and fire alarm systems has advanced significantly. FMC Ultratech’s job to keep up-to-date with these crucial developments and make them available to our customers to ensure the safety of people, processes and property.


A reliable fire detection system will save lives and minimise costly damage to buildings and property. The technology available has advanced in recent years and there is now a broad range of cost-effective fire alarm solutions to choose from in order to suit the needs of your business. As well as installing systems FMC Ultratech also offers a range of fire alarm maintenance packages. A maintenance support package not only ensures you have access to immediate support in the event of a system malfunction, it will also help with compliance record keeping and avoid emergency call costs.

Types of Commercial Fire Alarm

All commercial businesses that employ over five people, must by law have a fire alarm system installed, which type of fire alarm to install will be determined by the fire risk assessment.


The following are the most common options of commercial fire alarm systems:

Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Systems

Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

Aspirating Smoke Detection Systems

Gaseous Fire Suppression Systems

Open Space Image Detector Systems

Public Address and Voice Alarm Systems

Water Mist Fire Protection Systems

BlazeCut Automatic Fire Suppression

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